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I want to extract data such as name of page, likes,talking_about_count and page information from any page using FQL in Java. I have written code like below:

public static void main(String[] args) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    String STR_FACEBOOK_FQL_URL = "";
    String STR_FACEBOOK_RETURN_FORMAT = "&format=json";
    String STR_FACEBOOK_ACCESS_TOKEN = "&access_token=";
    String FQL_GET_QUERY= "SELECT name,likes,about FROM page WHERE id={page-id}"; 
    String encodedQuery;

             encodedQuery = URLEncoder.encode(FQL_GET_QUERY, "UTF-8");
             String faceBookURL = STR_FACEBOOK_FQL_URL + encodedQuery +   
                      + STR_FACEBOOK_ACCESS_TOKEN ;

                    URL url = new URL(faceBookURL);
            InputStream is = url.openStream();

            JSONTokener tok = new JSONTokener(is);
                JSONObject result = new JSONObject(tok);
            catch (Exception e)

But this is shownig error like:

{"request_args":[{"value":"fql.query","key":"method"},{"value":"SELECT likes,name,about FROM page WHERE uid=me()","key":"query"},{"value":"json","key":"format"},{"value":"id|secret","key":"access_token"}],"error_code":602,"error_msg":"likes is not a member of the page table."}

Can anybody tell me, what is the wrong in this code?

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First of all, please don't use the deprecated endpoint:


is the way to go now. You're using non-existing fields for the page table (see likes needs to be replaced by fan_count:

String FQL_GET_QUERY= "SELECT name,fan_count,about FROM page WHERE id={page-id}";
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