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lets suppose I have variable


I need to replace / with \/ in order to get string "04\/Jun\/2014:15:54:26".

I tried tr command - echo "04\Jun\2014:15:54:26" | tr '\' '\\/'

with result "04\Jun\2014:15:54:26".

It does not satisfy me. Can anyone help ?

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man tr would tell you why it doesn't work. You could use sed. –  devnull Jun 6 at 8:49
Why not create DATE in that format ? Also if you are echoing and writing the date before tr/sed/ect why not write it in that format ? –  Jidder Jun 6 at 9:06
What is it that you are trying to do here? Replace forward slashes with backslashes or escaping all forward slashes? This question could use some clearing up. :) –  wojciii Jun 6 at 10:27
Why do you need to escape the forward slashes in the first place? –  chepner Jun 6 at 12:46

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No need to use an echo + a pipe + sed.

A simple substitution variable is enough and faster:

echo ${DATE//\//\\/}

#> 04\/Jun\/2014:15:54:26
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here you go:

kent$  echo "04/Jun/2014:15:54:26"|sed 's#/#\\/#g'  

your tr line was not correct, you may mis-understand what tr does, tr 'abc' 'xyz' will change a->x, b->y, c->z,not changing whole abc->xyz..

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Use SED for substitutions:

 sed 's#/#\\/#g' < filename.txt > newfilename.txt

You usually use "/" instead of the "#" but as long as it is there it doesn't matter.

I am writing this on a windows PC so I hope it is right, you may have to escape the slashes with another slash.

Sed explained, the "-e",lets you edit the file in place. You can use -i to create backup automatically.

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