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I am using this plugin to store some cookies:

I was wondering how i would go about deleting all cookies with a certain prefix and/or delete all cookies that have a certain value. I need this to be done once some user has completed their journey through my application.

For example i store the visible state of certain tables on a page like so:

    // check visible status of table and persist

    var $childCount = $(this).index('div.dependant');

    $(this).addClass('tableStatus' + $childCount);

    // get the value of the cookie
    var $tableStatus = $.cookies.get('tableStatus' + $childCount);

    // if variable not null
    if ($tableStatus) {
        if ($tableStatus == 'hidden') {
            $('.tableStatus' + $childCount).hide();             
        } else if ($tableStatus == 'visible') {
            $('.tableStatus' + $childCount).show();


So the cookies will be 'tableStatus0', 'tableStatus1' etc...

I could manually delete but there will be an unknown number of tables.

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Answered here:

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