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I wonder, if I can inject a list of (stateless) beans, that all implementing a special interface.

For example I've a module contract

public interface ResetService {
  void reset(MyContext context);

Than I've two modules, that are implementing this interface. And one module, that should call all implementations:

private List<ResetService> resetServices;

void resetAllModules(MyContext context) {
  for (ResetService resetService : resetServices)

It's important that all calls are in the main transaction and the reset caller must be know, if the reset call is complete. So I can't use JMS and topics.

I think, it's not possible, or?

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Not possible with annotations. Your best option here is to loop over an array of JNDI names1 and to do a JNDI lookup for each to feed your List. Just in case, maybe have a look at previous questions like this one if you want to try to make things more dynamic (I'm not convinced it would be a good idea).

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Privious answer is wrong. You can inject dynamicaly using @Any annotation and javax.enterprise.inject.Instance class. Here simple example

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I think the question was about EJBs. And your blogposts shows the usage of the CDI annotations. The usage and handling on the serverside are totally different between CDI and EJB. – Waldemar Schneider Nov 13 '14 at 10:55
Previous answer was not wrong 4 years ago. With the latest J2EE spec (version 6) CDI was added which offers a solution. – Konstantin Feb 13 '15 at 8:18

You can get all beans of type by:

    BeanManager beanManager;

    public Set<ResetService> getAllResetServices() {
       return beanManager.getBeans(ResetService.class);
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