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I was wondering why this folder is included in all projects that I make in intellij IDE? I've made a small bootstrap project that I would like to upload on a server. When I do, will these files also be uploaded. On my machine the files are hidden (mac), unless I explicitly make them visible (the entire folder is hidden).

Here is a screenshot of my project:

enter image description here

So there are a few xml files and one .name txt file.

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This folder contains all the files for the project specific configurations.

Check which scope you defined above the tree files:

enter image description here

When Project Files is selected, all the folder will be displayed. Select Project will automatically hide the .idea folder.

If you use a version control soft, this folder is automatically excluded.

EDIT: You can exclude files you'll upload to the server in Project Settings->Deployment->Options:

enter image description here

I think the .idea folder is excluded by default. You need this folder locally to open you PHPStorm project correctly, but you don't need it on your web server.

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Some VCS might automatically ignore it, but some you must either tell the VCS to ignore it (e.g. .gitignore) or have the IDE explicitly ignore it for version control. –  cjstehno Jun 6 at 12:09
Thank you for answering. But you did not answer my main question (or maybe I'm a little bit thick), but when I upload my project on a server, is the .idea folder included? Do I need this folder, or can I delete it when uploading. It takes a little bit of space... –  Arash Saidi Jun 6 at 12:10
@Arash Saidi: I've edited the answer –  Getz Jun 6 at 12:15
@Getz Thanks mate, great answering! –  Arash Saidi Jun 6 at 13:12

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