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How can I format all td elements contained in a table with class myclass in CSS?

I want a format rule which applies to <table class="myclass"><td>FORMAT THIS</td></table>.

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Are this question is real? –  Fitzchak Yitzchaki Mar 9 '10 at 10:12
Why are you asking? –  codymanix Mar 9 '10 at 14:40

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With a descendant selector:

table.myclass td { — }
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Don't this simple css will do it?

.myclass td{}
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it does, however if myclass is added to any other parent element (e.g. a div) the td's will be styled. e.g. <div class="myclass"><table class="blueBorderOnCells"><tr><td>Example</td></tr></table></div> Example would be styled with a "blue border" AND all styling in myclass. –  scunliffe Mar 9 '10 at 11:52
 table.myclass td { color: blue }

Your table is missing a tr element by the way.

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table.myclass td { ... }
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table.myclass td{
 /* your styles */

Have a look at CSS selectors for more info.

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as far as i am aware you would do this

table.myclass td { styles in here }
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table#myid td { color: blue } //each td in an individual table with id myid

table could be dropped but i kept it for semantics.

#myid.myclass td { color: blue } *//each td in anything with an id of myid and class of myclass. "is an" id(myid) that "has a" class(myclass) ;-) *

things become fun especially when one starts playing with nth-child(x) etc inside "tables"!

the issue seems to be more a case of "Scope" than actualy assigning any css. By assigning an id you limit .ie control the scope to an unique element, use class when you intend to extend scope to all elements sharing a class. So theoretically you only need to specify the .myclass td{ etc } , however i just wanted to affirm your intentions and reasoning, happy coding.

But yes i agree, please have a look at css selectors, and jquery( Sizzle). It's easy and so ..... powerful. :X


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