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Do the client's SYN and the servers SYN+ACK get delayed by Nagle? Will the client's ACK of the server's SYN get delayed?

Will connect return after rtt+spt or will it take rtt + spt + 2x Nagle Delay?

Or more generally, how do the Nagle Algorith and Delayed ACK's affect TCP Connection Setup?

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No, NAGLE does not effect SYN or SYN+ACK. Neither does delayed ACK (logically enough, you want the SYN+ACK to come back as quick as possible, and there is no congestion state to cause a holdoff yet anyway).

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@Andrew: What you're saying makes sense. Do you have any references to standards or anything like that? –  Robert S. Barnes Mar 16 '10 at 7:32
RFC 2581 section 4.2 is the basic reference, but I'd read a stack implementation to really see the details of this; FreeBSD is pretty easy to read, the Linux stack drowns the algorithm in abstractions. –  Andrew McGregor Mar 16 '10 at 22:16

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