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I use in package.json: "permissions": {"private-browsing": true}

According to the description, it is enough to function windows() returns the private windows: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/SDK/Low-Level_APIs/window_utils#Private_windows

However, they are still ignored.

What to do to require("sdk/window/utils").windows(); returns the private windows?

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Not sure if this is a documentation bug (in both, the actual docs and the code comment in the implementation), but the implementation does not actually care about the permissions, just about an undocumented option:

 * Returns an array of all currently opened windows.
 * Note that these windows may still be loading.
function windows(type, options) {
  options = options || {};
  let list = [];
  let winEnum = WM.getEnumerator(type);
  while (winEnum.hasMoreElements()) {
    let window = winEnum.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIDOMWindow);
    // Only add non-private windows when pb permission isn't set,
    // unless an option forces the addition of them.
    if (!window.closed && (options.includePrivate || !isWindowPrivate(window))) {
  return list;
exports.windows = windows;

So it turns out you need to call the function like this:

require("sdk/window/utils").windows(null, {includePrivate: true});

It would be great if you filed a bug.

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