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Is there any good practices about setting up a queue to work with delayed_job in rails ?

For more precisions: I intend to ping some web hooks with my rails api. If using delayed_jobs, the PseudoCode could look like

get :ping do 
  present ping: :pong #grape style

  # Bad, synchronous idea: 
  MyAwesomeTracker.send(event: "ping") # thi will wait for the server answer before it goes on

  #Better: put it in a queue using delay_job:
  MyAwesomeTracker.delay.send(event: "ping") # this will go to the queue

Now wether I use job_delay or resque, I'm able to send events into the queue, which is great.

The actual question: Is there any good practices for deploying workers whenever I deploy my api ? What about worker failures ? Is there any environnement where a worker can be restarted after a crash/failure ?

I've seen a worker can be launched by running rake some_command, but what I'm wondering is how to set up an environment where a simple cap production deploy would both set up the api application, and some workers that listen to the queue.

Thanks in advance !

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