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I had created a grid(silverlight5) by doing this Grid bigGrid = new Grid(); using silverlight. Then i assign it 3 columns and 7 rows in it.

Now each cell has a textblock. And it works fine.

I have to create opacity on any particular row of this already existing grid (bigGrid).And this particular row will be decided dynamically.

How to achieve this in c# code ?
I mean i need something like : bigGrid.row[particularRow].Opacity=true; (could someone please correct me ?)

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I can think of two ways to achieve this.

First, you can't simply set a row(RowDefinition)'s Opacity, because RowDefinition is not a UIElement. What you can do is that you set the Opacity all the elements on this row to 0. In your case the elements would be 3 TextBlocks.

Also you can create a Rectangle on top of the entire row (RowSpan of 3) and set its Fill color to match your Grid's color as well as its Opacity to 0. When you want to hide this row, simply set the Rectangle's Opacity to 1 to block the visual of the TextBlocks.

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Xin thanks for the theortical answer. But silverlight code is bit diferent then .net . How to code for it in silverlight. –  Sss Jun 6 at 13:43
I am talking Silverlight here, not .NET. You just need to do YourTextBlcok.Opacity = 0. In your case you will need to do this to three TextBlocks. –  Justin XL Jun 6 at 13:45
Ok but your rectangle sounds me more beautiful way. –  Sss Jun 6 at 13:47
Oh... Does each smallGrid contain 3 TextBlocks? In this case you don't need Rectangles at all! Just do smallGrid.Opacity = "0"; –  Justin XL Jun 6 at 13:57
yes, Ok let me try this will mark you soon as it works. –  Sss Jun 6 at 13:58

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