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I'm building a Web Service in C# with VS2008, and want to implement WS-Addressing, so the message headers look like eg below:

What do I need to add / do in VS2008 to make this happen?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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first of all, when you post code or XML, you need to mark those lines and press the "code" button (101 010) on the toolbar to format the code/XML nicely and make it visible to others – marc_s Mar 9 '10 at 13:18

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The best way to get started with all the WS-* standards in .NET is by using WCF. It has a wsHttpBinding which implements a truckload of those WS-* standards.

As for resoures: there's the MSDN WCF Developer Center which has everything from beginner's tutorials to articles and sample code.

Also read the MSDN article WCF Messaging Fundamentals, and specifically for WS-Addressing, see the blog post Fancy Addressing in WCF.

Also, I would recommend you have a look at the Pluralsight screen casts on WCF - it's an excellent series going from "Creating your first WCF service" and "Creating your first WCF client" all the way to rather advanced topics. Aaron Skonnard very nicely explains everything in 10-15 minutes screencasts - highly recommended!

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