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I've read this question and used it for my code. The problem is yesterday it worked and now it doesn't. As I know, I made zero change to my code.

ax1.set_xlabel(u'\u03b8 (°)')
ax1.set_ylabel(u'\u03c6 (°)')
cb1.set_label(u'Amplitude de \u03b8ij (°)')
cs1 = ax1.contour(tab_amp_inv,colors='k',extent=(0,90,-45,45))
ax1.clabel(cs1, inline=1, fontsize=10,color='k')

It gives me this enter image description here

Between yesterday an today, the only change I made to my computer is that I've installed prettyplotlib to change the default color of python. I don't know if that causes this problem?

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prettyplot changed your default font to one that does not have that unicode character (hence why you get the box). I would throw an issue at the prettyplot gh issue tracker. – tcaswell Jun 7 '14 at 13:35
@tcaswell do you know how to change it back manually? or just change the font of axis temporarily? I tried rc('font',serif='Times News Roman') but it only changed the texts inside the plot but not axis labels. – pomxipum Jun 10 '14 at 9:45

It looks like the font lacks Unicode support. You can set the font directly when setting the labels, e.g.

ax1.set_xlabel(u'\u03b8 (°)', fontdict={'fontname': 'Times New Roman'})

That should override any defaults.

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it doesn't work for me :( – pomxipum Jun 26 '14 at 15:49

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