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I spend hours of searching but didn't really find a solution.

My Setup:

ServerName: SV-APP-01.mydomain.com


DNS CNAME Alias: APP Server

My App

Within my App I have configured a Server. This should be my DNS CNAME Alias. In Order to prevent DNS Issues I want to transfer my DNS Alias Name into the IP Adresse.

Furthermore our Customers should set up a DNS Alias Name and the App saves the IP Adresse into System Preference Option.

So the question is how do I get the IP of an Hostname Alias. Thanks guys.

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Suppose the IP address changes but the name remains the same? Don't store the IP address, store the name and resolve it at run time. –  Hobo Sapiens Jun 6 at 13:45
Nevertheless, how do I do that? –  Phill Jun 6 at 14:09
does notbody know how to do that? –  Phill Jun 10 at 10:30

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Since I can't comment, I'll have to answer. But this question should give you an idea how to do it: SO

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