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I am attempting to convert the Microsoft.Health C# class library that is installed as part of the HealthVault SDK, using instructions provided here. After following these instructions, I get the following error when attempting to load the project into Visual Studio 2013.

"The project is targeting frameworks hat are either not installed or are included as part of future updates to Visual Studio. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=287985"

Visiting the link takes me to .NET SDKs and Downloads. Once there, I have no clue on what needs to be done.

I do realize that one will have to leverage the Portable Class Library Contrib project to fill in some missing bits, especially code related to System.Security. This, I will deal with later.

Any one run into a similar problem?

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At a guess, this is because you need to specify the TargetFrameworkVersion and TargetFrameworkProfile properties in the project file. Compare the .csproj you are trying to create to a newly created PCL project file, and make sure that everything that's not specific to your project matches.

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