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I'm using the perl debugger to analyze a large hash. However, when I display it (with x) it fills up the display and I can't see the start of the hash. Is there a way to pipe the output through something similar to less?

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Use Data::Dumper for Output. So you can print it in a file and work wich a text tool. –  Jens Jun 6 at 14:47
for slightly better output, I'd recommend Data::Dump –  Miller Jun 6 at 19:32
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You might look at Devel::Trace that you can run via the command line and capture output. Run with perl -d:Trace program. http://metacpan.org/pod/Devel::Trace

Data::Dumper is also very useful.

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Yeah I ended up using Dumper to just output the hash to a file. Thanks for the recommendation. –  MaxMackie Jun 6 at 17:17
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