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In a similar Topic, I tried to access the API but the link is broken, My problem is that in my JSF page I want to put two buttons, links or another way to let users register using their accounts on google or facebook, I know there is some kind of a web service but what am I going to save for each user in my database after the registration, is there a return value?, please help me out.

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Please, tell us what you have tried, why it does not work and how. –  Alexandros Jun 6 at 15:17
The link to google in the answer is not working, I'm still searching the internet, this is the link for google(), what about facebook? –  Tiyeb3W Jun 6 at 15:47
I found the correct link, downloaded a JSON file after I created a client for my web application on google developers console, but I don't know what to do with that JSON file, code: '{"web":{"auth_uri":"https..","client_secret":"..","token_uri":"..","client_emai‌​l":"..","client_x509_cert_url":"https..","client_id":"..","auth_provider_x509_cer‌​t_url":"googleapis...";}}' –  Tiyeb3W Jun 6 at 16:30
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