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I am tired of manually excluding UNIX binaries from svn add commands, how can I tell svn to ignore them?

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If these are build artifacts, have your build process put them into their own directory, then svn:ignore that directory.

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This is the best solution I could find:

global-ignores = *.o *.lo *.la *.al .libs *.so ... \
    # Filenames up to ten lower-case chars wide, without extension,
    # to catch typical UNIX binaries (and most folders!):
    [a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
    [a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z] \
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