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We use a third-party tool, i.e. we have the sources and include those into our project.

In a project file there are the tags "SignAssembly" and "AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile".

Since we use this tool, it read like:

<SignAssembly Condition="Exists('..\Original.snk')">true</SignAssembly>
<AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile Condition="Exists('..\Original.snk')">..\Original.snk</AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile>

The file Original.snk never existed.

Recently, I had to update the sources and I took over a change from "Original.snk" to "New.snk". The file New.snk also doesn't exist.

However, after that change, the distribution build failed, because the assemblies weren't signed.

CSC (0): Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly '[assembly]' does not have a strong name

I don't see why the mere change of the name causes an error. I assume I overlooked an important change some place else but I failed to find it.

Does any one have an idea what I have to look for? Are there any files that might be related to assembly signing and needed to be updated, too?

I thoroughly looked at any project files that may be related but I don't find anything suspiciously.

Note, the issue can surely be fixed by linking to an existing .snk-file, but I'm trying to understand the reason of the failure.

Note, my understanding of this signing rigmarole is for sure too little, but reading articles about basics (like that this one) didn't give me any further ideas.

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