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I'm trying to insert data into BigQuery using the BigQuery Api C# Sdk.

I created a new Job with Json Newline Delimited data. When I use :

  • 100 lines for inputs : OK
  • 250 lines for inputs : OK
  • 500 lines for inputs : KO
  • 2500 lines : KO

    The error encountered is :

    "status": { "state": "DONE", "errorResult": { "reason": "invalid", "message": "Too many errors encountered. Limit is: 0." }, "errors": [ { "reason": "internalError", "location": "File: 0", "message": "Unexpected. Please try again." }, { "reason": "invalid", "message": "Too many errors encountered. Limit is: 0." } ] }

The file works well when I use the Bq Tools with command :

  • bq load --source_format=NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON dataset.datatable pathToJsonFile

Something seems to be wrong on server side or maybe when I transmit the file but we cannot get more log than "internal server error"

Does anyone have more informations on this ?

Thanks you

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For information, here is a jobid which failed : job_ZkUSUDZrt0WNiVWWJYJ89Yw81x0 –  Jeremie Devillard Jun 6 '14 at 15:41

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