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I am learning the cast iron tool (http://www.castiron.com/) which is widely used now a days for integration purpose,but i can only open 1 project and if i want to open the other project at the same time than I have to close the 1st project and open the 2nd project.

So many times i need to have to open the 2 projects at the same time but i dont know in which way i can open the projects?

can any body give me any urgent solution for the same to open the multiple projects at the same time and to switch between them?

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Download a copy of the studio that is a minor version different than the version you are working with. This will let you open two projects side by side and copy and paste between them. I do this so much that I won't even do an upgrade until the second release is available to open my template projects.

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'tponthieuz' answer is one option. Another option is to install the studio in a test vm and load your other project for reference. If you have more than one monitor, this really works well.

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copy the "Cast Iron Studio" folder from where it is installed(for e.g c:) and paste it in other drive(e:\ or d:) and open the studio from it,open your project in this studio. it will work.

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Install the castiron studio in another directory. Now you will be having two exe of castiron studio in two different dir. From both of them you can launch CastIron now.

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