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I am using breeze js as my database layer. I am able to add new record and save it to the database. I am getting the following error "Assertion Failed: You must use Ember.set()" when i try to save the data. the data gets saved but my success callback does not fired. Just calling manager.saveChanges() will trigger the error message. The strangest part is i am not using "set" anywhere in my code.

App.AddRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
    deactivate: function () {
    model: function () {
        return manager.createEntity('OSIPI_ChangeRequest_Input');

App.AddController = Ember.ObjectController.extend({
    init: function () {
    actions: {
        validate: function () {
        submit: function () {
            var self = this;
            if (manager.hasChanges()) {
                manager.saveChanges().then(function () {

                }).fail(function (msg) {

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Breeze doesn't have a modelLibrary adapter to work with Ember yet - please go here to vote on it as I think it would be an awesome feature! breezejs.uservoice.com/forums/… Without a proper adapter it will not work properly. –  PW Kad Jun 6 '14 at 15:56

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I figure it out.

Breeze js is still tracking the changes. I just need to reset the ember model by using the this.set('content',null) before executing the manager.saveChanges();

Everything is working as I wanted to.

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VERY curious how you are making this work with Ember as we haven't developed a modelLibrary adapter for it yet. –  Ward Jun 7 '14 at 17:48
ember can bind to javascript object. so in the route i just return javascript object using breeze js. once i bind it on the form the changes are tracked by breeze. –  Thuthinh Jun 8 '14 at 19:12

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