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I am starting the release process via jenkins by calling maven with

-Dresume=false clean release:prepare release:perform

Since I want to change the sourcecode (add directories and files and commit them to git) before the prepare process finishes I want to run a profile 'doAtPrepare' only at the release:prepare stage. The profile is already working at the right place but unfortunately called twice. Once at the release:prepare and once at release:perform stage. The latter produces an error when committing to a 'detached head' at git.

For running profiles at the release:perform stage only there is the configuration option 'releaseProfiles' in the maven-release-plugin which works. But I need it the other way round and did not find a solution up to now.

I tried with profile.activation.properties (profile=!doAtPrepare), tried to set variables (-D) and check them with profile.activation.properties, tried to check for existing files at profile.activation.file (which is not working because the filenames contains ${version} parameters), tried to use -P at jenkins commandline (which triggers the profile at both stages) and much more.

Anybody out there which can help me to find a working solution?

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I found a workaround, but not a real solution. Better suggestions are still welcome.

First, add a profile which does the desired job:

                    <!-- whatever you want -->

next, add a job to the profile which creates a dummy file with fixed filename in your target-directory:

                    <propertyfile file="target/done.lock" comment="Version ${project.version}">

The last step is to activate the profile only when the file does not exists. Note that during release:perform the base directory is target/checkout/yourproject so one needs to reference the correct file ../../../yourproject/target/done.lock

    <!-- Rest of profile -->
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