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My eclipse workspace has about 70 interdependent java projects and bookmarks set in various areas of interest over the last few months.

I like to see the bookmarks sorted by creation time so that I can see the sections of code I was working on when fixing specific bugs.

Unfortunately, sorting by Creation Time doesn't seem to work since some dates are showing up out of order.

And sorting by ID was OK for a while, but when we moved to a different revision control system I had to try copying my marker files to the projects in the new source tree and eclipse's notion of current bookmark ID changed so all the new bookmarks appear out of sequence with the old ones.

So it looks like I'm back to trying to deal with sorting by Creation Time.

One other data point; if I ctl-a and copy all of the bookmarks into a text file, the date shows up as a long int value; sorting on this value seems to produce the correct result.

So I'm not sure why eclipse fails to sort properly.

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