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In Oracle, is there a way to change the web interface URL? Usually, it is localhost:8080, but I don't like how that looks or the fact that I have to specify the port number.

I know I can use virtual hosts from Apache, node.js, nginx or some other server, then change my HOSTS file, but is there a way to change it specifically from the Oracle program?

I have 11g Express, but I will take answers from any version, as I will likely use others in the future.

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Maybe I don't get it, but what web interface url? Do you mean the pages for the Enterprise Manager (or something like it for the free version)? Ahh, I see it. A smaller manager. –  johnny Jun 6 at 18:48
Does this help? community.oracle.com/message/11226227 –  johnny Jun 6 at 18:51

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