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in Rails using the Polymorphic version of Paperclip, the default saving technique means that files with the same name overwrite each other. Including the :id in the path and URL doesn't work as it just overwrites the earlier file with the old :id.

I've tried interpolations using a time-stamp, but it just looks for the current time when being shown the image (plus as I have multiple thumbnails it takes longer than a second, therefore the images have different stamps).

Paperclip.interpolates :uniqueid do |attachment, style|

Also tried using a hex number, but it iterates through for each thumb, thus breaking as there's a new hex value each time.

Paperclip.interpolates :uniqueid do |attachment, style|

As it's the Polymorphic version, and thus has it's own model, I don't know how to access the values from the parent model (in this case "Post"). Variations on the code below all throw up "undefined method" errors.

Paperclip.interpolates :user_id do |attachment, style|

Sorry if it seems a newbie question, but it's well document for the traditional Paperclip, but nothing is out there for the Polymorphic fork.

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How about including :class in the :path for has_attached_file ?

has_attached_file :attachment,
  :path => ":rails_root/attachments/:class/:id/:attachment/:basename.:extension",
  :url => "downloads/:id/:title.:extension"
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