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I have tried going to Apache, open httpd.conf and change the lines #Listen; Listen 80 to #Listen; 8080 and still it did not work. I have went to control panel and System & Security-> Administrative Tools-> Services, then Web Development Service (It did not exist). I also tried start->run->cmd and pressing ctrl + shift + enter, to open command window. I typed net stop MsDepSvc and it did not work either. I know it is there some where because I keep getting the error that HTTPAPI/2.0 is running. What else can I try?

I am getting an error when I try to turn off Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 In order for me to get wampserver on, I have disable the HTTPAPI/2.0 but my computer for some reason does not show the Web Development Service Agent. So What do I do?

None of the comments listed below helped. It cannot find certain files either.

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Maybe serverfault.com –  Guilherme Nascimento Jun 6 at 18:09
Check for the logs..C:\wamp\logs –  Robert Rozas Jun 6 at 18:22
you have reporting services installed on microsoft sql server? –  TotPeRo Jun 6 at 19:58

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If you have Microsoft SQL Server installed with SQL Server Reporting Services try to stop or disable this service from Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tool->Services->SQL Server Reporting Services (InstanceName). More details how to find this service here. Other cause to block 80 port is Skype.

And if you want to change the apache port to 8080 you need to do this: Find in httpd.conf the lines :

Listen [::0]:80

and replace wtith:

Listen [::0]:8080

and after restart Wamp server.

You replace only the commented line. The line start with # is comment in httpd.conf. The next line after this is what to replace like in my example.

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