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I working on neo4j and I have an question about them.I have 2 nodes and I want to find same relations between these two nodes.And all relations must have same property.I executed cypher query that is in the following segment of code:

START a=node(1), d=node(4) 
MATCH p=a-[r:ROUTE*..]-d 
WITH head(relationships(p))as r1,last(relationships(p))as r2,p
WHERE r2.RouteID = r1.RouteID
return p;

When I try to execute that query, neo4j is crashing.How can I find that path? Is my query looking correct?

Thanks and kind regards

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Make sure that 1 and 4 are actually valid node IDs.

Otherwise, your Cypher looks legal to me (although, you could simplify [r:ROUTE*..] to [r:ROUTE*]).

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I get "Unknow Error", when I execute that query with changed [r:Route*] parameter.Why it gaves me that? –  user3566301 Jun 7 at 19:49
Again, make sure that 1 and 4 are valid node IDs. What do you get for START a=node(1), d=node(4) RETURN a, d? –  cybersam Jun 7 at 23:56
Opps.OK, I missd that.It's working good.Thanks @cybersam –  user3566301 Jun 8 at 11:35
I'm glad. Please remember to up-vote and Accept the best answer after you ask a question. –  cybersam Jun 8 at 18:09

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