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When I try to access OpenVas from the command line I keep getting the following error:

root@kali:~# omp -u admin -w password123 --xml='<help/>'
Failed to authenticate.

I've followed the steps to setup OpenVas correctly and can log in from the Web UI, but I need to be able to log in from the command line. What's even more odd is that the following command works:

root@kali:~# omp -u admin --xml='<help/>'
Enter password: 

AUTHENTICATE Authenticate with the manager. COMMANDS Run a list of commands. CREATE_AGENT Create an agent. CREATE_CONFIG Create a config. CREATE_ALERT Create an alert. CREATE_FILTER Create a filter. CREATE_LSC_CREDENTIAL Create a local security check credential. CREATE_NOTE Create a note. CREATE_OVERRIDE Create an override. CREATE_PORT_LIST Create a port list. CREATE_PORT_RANGE Create a port range in a port list. CREATE_REPORT_FORMAT Create a report format. CREATE_REPORT Create a report. CREATE_SCHEDULE Create a schedule. CREATE_SLAVE Create a slave. CREATE_TARGET Create a target. CREATE_TASK Create a task. DELETE_AGENT Delete an agent. DELETE_CONFIG Delete a config. DELETE_ALERT Delete an alert. DELETE_FILTER Delete a filter. DELETE_LSC_CREDENTIAL Delete a local security check credential. DELETE_NOTE Delete a note. DELETE_OVERRIDE Delete an override. DELETE_PORT_LIST Delete a port list. DELETE_PORT_RANGE Delete a port range. DELETE_REPORT Delete a report. DELETE_REPORT_FORMAT Delete a report format. DELETE_SCHEDULE Delete a schedule. DELETE_SLAVE Delete a slave. DELETE_TARGET Delete a target. DELETE_TASK Delete a task. EMPTY_TRASHCAN Empty the trashcan. GET_AGENTS Get all agents. GET_CONFIGS Get all configs. GET_DEPENDENCIES Get dependencies for all available NVTs. GET_ALERTS Get all alerts. GET_FILTERS Get all filters. GET_LSC_CREDENTIALS Get all local security check credentials. GET_NOTES Get all notes. GET_NVTS Get one or all available NVTs. GET_NVT_FAMILIES Get a list of all NVT families. GET_NVT_FEED_CHECKSUM Get checksum for entire NVT collection. GET_OVERRIDES Get all overrides. GET_PORT_LISTS Get all port lists. GET_PREFERENCES Get preferences for all available NVTs. GET_REPORTS Get all reports. GET_REPORT_FORMATS Get all report formats. GET_RESULTS Get results. GET_SCHEDULES Get all schedules. GET_SETTINGS Get all settings. GET_SLAVES Get all slaves. GET_SYSTEM_REPORTS Get all system reports. GET_TARGET_LOCATORS Get configured target locators. GET_TARGETS Get all targets. GET_TASKS Get all tasks. GET_VERSION Get the OpenVAS Manager Protocol version. GET_INFO Get raw information for a given item. HELP Get this help text. MODIFY_AGENT Modify an existing agent. MODIFY_ALERT Modify an existing alert. MODIFY_CONFIG Update an existing config. MODIFY_LSC_CREDENTIAL Modify an existing LSC credential. MODIFY_FILTER Modify an existing filter. MODIFY_NOTE Modify an existing note. MODIFY_OVERRIDE Modify an existing override. MODIFY_PORT_LIST Modify an existing port list. MODIFY_REPORT Modify an existing report. MODIFY_REPORT_FORMAT Modify an existing report format. MODIFY_SCHEDULE Modify an existing schedule. MODIFY_SETTING Modify an existing setting. MODIFY_SLAVE Modify an existing slave. MODIFY_TARGET Modify an existing target. MODIFY_TASK Update an existing task. PAUSE_TASK Pause a running task. RESTORE Restore a resource. RESUME_OR_START_TASK Resume task if stopped, else start task. RESUME_PAUSED_TASK Resume a paused task. RESUME_STOPPED_TASK Resume a stopped task. RUN_WIZARD Run a wizard. START_TASK Manually start an existing task. STOP_TASK Stop a running task. TEST_ALERT Run an alert. VERIFY_AGENT Verify an agent. VERIFY_REPORT_FORMAT Verify a report format.


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