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I don't know what's make wrong, my map can load, but the image on the map is not completely load. plx help. thz a lot. Here is the simulate map from the iPhone: (Added more example image.)

http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/8476/screenshot20100309at841.jpg alt text

Here is the code:

MKCoordinateRegion theRegion;
MKCoordinateSpan theSpan;
theSpan.latitudeDelta = 0.005;
theSpan.longitudeDelta = 0.005;

theRegion.center =  manager.location.coordinate;
theRegion.span = theSpan;

myMap.scrollEnabled = YES; 
myMap.zoomEnabled = YES; 

[myMap setRegion:theRegion];
[myMap regionThatFits:theRegion];
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Don't you do anything in the main thread that would prevent the map tiles to load fully ?

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Solved with SDK updated.

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