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Can someone explain what gaps in Google Chrome Inspector's Network tab represent?

The network tab shows a list of consecutively loaded resources. For the most part they overlay and/or immediately follow one another. But sometimes there is a gap, and in the case of this screenshot there's actually almost 2 seconds of a gap.

All 5 of the later loaded scripts are hosted by a third party.

Google Chrome Network

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If you click on the heading "Timeline" and then select "Duration", you'll get a better view of what's actually happening for each request.

If you hover over each line, you'll see a breakdown of each request, and most likely for those later ones you'll find that they have large "Blocking" values.

Edit: I should probably put a small note about what blocking is here, just in case. Blocking (as defined in the link in the next paragraph) is the amount of time between the UI thread starting the request and the HTTP GET request getting onto the wire.

Here is a good Stack Overflow question that explains what each segment means and what you can (or can't) do to improve it.

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