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It all begin with my desire to debug linux binary from windows machine. GDBserver ,tones of config etc.. I managed to debug but I have problems with c++ containers. To have human readable inspection I decided to rebuild gdb with -python option. It turnout MSYS didn't have python by default . So I download python source code to install it . "./configure" works without any problem but in "make" stage I got tones of errors. I managed to solve compile time errors but now I am getting linkage errors . Errors are so strange they all relate to wide char functions :

libpython3.4m.a(fileutils.o): In function _Py_wgetcwd': /c/Python-3.4.1/Python/fileutils.c:973: undefined reference to_wcsncpy' libpython3.4m.a(main.o): In function Py_Main': /c/Python-3.4.1/Modules/main.c:385: undefined reference to_wcscpy' libpython3.4m.a(sysmodule.o): In function PySys_AddXOption': /c/Python-3.4.1/./Python/sysmodule.c:1278: undefined reference to_wcschr'

I download almost all binaries by Mingw Installition Manager by hoping some binary will include this functions and I updated all binaries which I have.

If somebody can help me out I will be glad.

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