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I'd like to create a view in Sharepoint that has a filter based on a date field.

The filter should be >= Today and <- Today + 90 days.

I found a reference to the

<Today OffsetDays=”5” />

CAML function and could probably use this by setting the view using the API.

My question is how do i set this using the browser based admin page?

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This can be done OTB using the filter dropdowns when modifying or creating a view:

Filter Image

alt text

Edit: Fixed image

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I think your second condition should be updated - it says that the created date is greater than today + 90 -- it should be less than. –  Kwirk Oct 27 '08 at 20:01
I thought I had already fixed that. Thanks for pointing that out. –  AdamBT Oct 27 '08 at 21:42
I think you have to ensure that there are no spaces between [Today]+90 - seriously, you will get an error about invalid formula if there are spaces in! –  Ryan Oct 29 '08 at 21:23

Ok... when you using formula for the column... It cant using [Today] because it doesnt exsist on the list column...]

So i suggest that you must required the column Today first, so you can use [Today] At the formula..

i think u just dont have using CAML or column formula, but it can do from filtering like AdamBT says...


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You can use [Today] in a filter without doing anyting - you cant using it in calculated columns. Don#t event start on the Today trick... blog.pentalogic.net/2008/11/… –  Ryan Nov 24 '09 at 23:49

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