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When I try to INSERT values in my database, using the following code:

INSERT INTO obra (codInstituicao, codInventariadaPor, dataInventariada,nome,codEstadoConservacao, .......)  values (" . $codInstituicao ."," .  $_SESSION['id']. ", NULL, '" . $nome ."' , '" . $codEstadoConservacao . "', ......)

In the beginning of this code, is declared:

$codEstadoConservacao = (empty($_POST['estadoconservacao']) ?  "NULL" : $_POST['estadoconservacao']);

The TYPE of my tables is InnoDB. When I execute the INSERT, i got this error:

Incorrect integer value: 'null' for column 'codEstadoConservacao' at row 1
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I have to suggest pt.stackoverflow.com –  leon Jun 6 at 23:24
Instead of showing us how you build the query, show us the query just before you run it. That way, we can see exactly what's happening –  Basic Jun 6 at 23:38
Your code is vulnerable to MySQL injections. –  kba Jun 6 at 23:43

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You're inserting a literal string into the database. Remove the double quotes - e.g. use NULL instead of "NULL".

Also, you're prone to SQL injection with that query. You should use something like PDO to bind parameters to your SQL query.

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Two major problems here.

First, if $codEstadoConservacao is NULL then it will insert 'NULL', as a string, literally the text NULL because of the quotation marks. It is not the same thing as MySQL's NULL.

Second, I see you grab this value from $_POST and build your SQL Query with it without fearing consequences. You are about to be victim of SQL Injection / Injeção de SQL.

You have to treat all and any user input accordingly to prevent that, using prepared statements, or some escape function such as mysql_real_escape_string() / mysqli_real_escape_string() etc. Look for the options available to whatever database connection method you are user.

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Don't wrap your NULL value in quotes:

, '" . $codEstadoConservacao . "',

should be

, " . $codEstadoConservacao . ",
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