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I am working on flex dasboards and charting stuff. Till now I have build them for static data only now I want to upgrade them to work for real time data where new data is continuosly sent to client (swf file) from server and it updates the same.

I am using Jruby with RoR.

Please share the links for any similar implementation in RoR-Flex architecture. Or if you have some suggestions to share I will really appreciate.

Thanks friends.

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Try this :

You need a server push architecture which can support live data streaming.

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Just create a private variable with getters and setters that you continually update. This variable will be the dataProvider for your charts.

_dataProvider:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

public function get dataProvider() : ArrayCollection {
  return _dataProvider;
public function set dataProvider (value:ArrayCollection) : void {
  _dataProvider = value;

Then set your chart to use _dataProvider as its dataProvider.

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look into livecycle data services...or even maybe blazeDS,

here's a pretty good sample app from the adobe website that has data being pushed real time.

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Thanks for the help chris. This was really useful. – Ashine Mar 16 '10 at 9:57

Check out the Real-Time Dashboard sample in Tour de Flex.

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I've used WebORB for a project involving Twitter and Flash, and it works great. It allows the persistence of primitive types (dictionaries/hashes/objects, arrays, etc) across the wire. Check out the overview here:

Or take a peek at the quick start guide here:

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