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what could possibly be the explanation for this?

An ASP.NET MVC website, with one sub-application pointing at a different physical path.

After upgrading from IIS6 to IIS7, all is fine for an hour or so. Suddenly, requests for certain paths within the sub-application return the content for the "equivalent" path in the parent application. Stay with me! For example:


returns the content of the page


In fact, it seems that any equivalent path which exists in the parent application is chosen instead of the correct resource in the sub-application.

This is not an incorrectly-configured redirect or something - the server is acting as though the request were to the parent application.

This works fine!


If I restart the parent application by touching the Web.config, the problem goes away for an hour or so!

Could the MVC routing mechanism in the parent application be taking precedence over the configured virtual application?

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This works fine! example.com/subapp/helloCOPY.aspx is working because this one doesnt have a copy in the parent dir?? –  Grumpy Mar 9 '10 at 13:50
are the links in your pages relative? –  Grumpy Mar 9 '10 at 13:52

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