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Could someone please explain to me, how do I get Agile Toolkit up and running ? I've cloned atk4 repository to my machine, moved it to my MAMP's webroot. When I access it from my browser http://localhost/my_app I see 403 error.

Does it mean there's no installation file ? And everything has to be setup via some *.cfg file ? Can't find a proper tutorial on how to do so.

Or there's an installation process just like in other frameworks and it's just my MAMP is not configured correctly ?

EDIT: Sorry, I guess I had a wrong downloaded archive. Solved.

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I'm an author of Agile Toolkit and for the convenience of the new users, I'm now packaging 4.3 into an archive with installer.

Go to and click download.

There seem to be some hiccups with Windows install which I'm trying to address. Please discuss any problems in this group:

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