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Why object Class is a super class in java yesterday i had one interview and the interviewer asked me the questions.

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What did you answer? –  peeskillet Jun 7 at 5:34
Because Java was designed that way? –  Tiny Jun 7 at 5:34
I answred to him that "A object class give the common behavior to every class thats why object class is a super class in java and it provide the common methods to all of them" –  Pravin Abhale Jun 7 at 5:51

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Because it is just a definition. Actually sec 4.3.2 of jls8 said:

The class Object is a superclass (§8.1.4) of all other classes.

There is no more formal way to define Object class.

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It's more than just "a" single definition .. even if it's summarized as such. The behavior is another part of the puzzle in Java's type system. (For instance, there could be a language where an Object type is a direct superclass of every other class, but that's not Java.) –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 5:35
@user2864740 I agree, but it think that OP want to understand Object class in a formal way. –  Dmitry Fucintv Jun 7 at 5:41
I was nit picking the use of "just a definition". It's a collection of definitions/rules, this being a true statement, but not the entire story. –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 5:42

Because all objects in Java inherited from Object class.

So if you create your class for example MyObject, parent for this object will be Object class.

It's mean that Object is super class for class MyObject.

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@user2864740 In your comment you show another example, and we can't use super to get Object class(in your example), but we always can get Object class by casting our object to Object class, because all object inherited from Object class. –  Alexander Podkutin Jun 7 at 5:53
Yeah, I removed my comment because the use of inherits is correct. –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 6:14

All classes in Java by default "extend" the Object class, that's why Object is superclass of every class in Java.

As per the definition of class "Object".

Class Object is the root of the class hierarchy. Every class has Object as a superclass. All objects, including arrays, implement the methods of this class.

A similar question which was discussed before ... Default class that is extended by all classes in java

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This is not imply that all objects "extend" Object! A class can only have one superclass, thus class A extends B shows a case where A does not "extend" Object (it extends B) even though A is still a sub-type of Object. –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 5:41
Any class can have Object as it's direct or indirect superclass. If 'A' doesn't extends 'Object' then 'B' does of whose sub class 'A' is. I am just guessing that as per definition since "All objects, including arrays, implement the methods of this class(Object Class)", Object extends Objects. –  Soumya Kumar Jun 7 at 5:47
The issue is about the wording used. A inherits from B (and A inherits from Object by extension), but A only extends B. –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 5:48

Because the Object class, in the java.lang package, sits at the top of the class hierarchy tree.

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I like the use of "hierarchy tree", but this answer needs to be flushed out. –  user2864740 Jun 7 at 5:47
I answred him that the object class contains some common methods and we can easily override that method in any class so he said finally we used our own logic into the overriding method then what is a need of object class why it is defined? –  Pravin Abhale Jun 7 at 5:54

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