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I have a view that has a horizontally scrolling UIScrollView. I have 4 "pages" that I want to show in my scroll view. Can I layout a huge view in Interface Builder that I can scroll across? The problem I'm having while trying to do this is that to design a xib this large across horizontally, you must set the frame of the UIScrollView to be the devices horizontal width * 4. Therefore the frame >= the content size and my scroll view does not scroll. My workaround has been to place all the elements on each of the 4 pages programmatically and adding them to my UIScrollView with addSubView: What are my other options?

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You keep the frame of scroll view as horizontal width only. You should make the content size as horizontal width * 4. Now set proper frame of the views which you want to put as subviews of that scroll view. Like first subview's frame should have origin.x = horizontal width * 0, second should have origin.x = horizontal width * 1, third should have origin.x = horizontal width * 2 and fourth should have origin.x = horizontal width * 3.

This will eliminate the need of putting subviews programatically.

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Each of my page views has multiple subviews, so these would still need to be added to each of the page views programatically. How can I layout 4 views in xibs and then attach them to my scroll view? – Tyler Pfaff Jun 7 '14 at 19:28

Freeform your xib, design your view

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