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So I've been trying to get some type of markdown plugin for converting the markdown syntax into html but I am having lots of trouble. I am using meteor, however, I am not sure if that's really an issue.

I've tried the following plugin called: Marked (https://github.com/chjj/marked)

And I get these errors with it

Uncaught ReferenceError: Markdown is not defined Markdown.Editor.js?e08938e553cc97311ffd455d7241f8fc57c82b64:52
(anonymous function) Markdown.Editor.js?e08938e553cc97311ffd455d7241f8fc57c82b64:52
(anonymous function) Markdown.Editor.js?e08938e553cc97311ffd455d7241f8fc57c82b64:2120
(anonymous function) Markdown.Editor.js?e08938e553cc97311ffd455d7241f8fc57c82b64:2122
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Converter' of undefined Markdown.Sanitizer.js?95ec2c6ab6938e5f2fb3d6cc600e6f43c2c3f13a:8
(anonymous function) Markdown.Sanitizer.js?95ec2c6ab6938e5f2fb3d6cc600e6f43c2c3f13a:8
(anonymous function) Markdown.Sanitizer.js?95ec2c6ab6938e5f2fb3d6cc600e6f43c2c3f13a:111
(anonymous function) Markdown.Sanitizer.js?95ec2c6ab6938e5f2fb3d6cc600e6f43c2c3f13a:113

I've tried other plugins like pagedown-bootstrap and other versions of the same plugin and I get similar errors with them too.

Is there something specific I am missing?

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Have you been able to figure this out? I am getting the 'Converter' error as well while trying to use pagedown-bootstrap. I am also getting the error on line ~3400 –  Sean Callahan Jul 8 at 17:29
I gave up on it. –  user1952811 Jul 8 at 17:50
Did you find another solution to get a similar type of editor in meteor? –  Sean Callahan Jul 8 at 18:03
I ended up using showdown –  user1952811 Jul 8 at 20:08

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