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I am setting up a master master replication between two mysql database.

I need to set this up without affecting the other datbases in the server so there is a primary key conflict issue here. what I think should work is to run two sql queries which will change the auto increment values of primary key, I added this code in 'AppModel'

public function beforeSave(){

    $this->query('SET @@auto_increment_offset=2;');
    $this->query('SET @@auto_increment_increment=2;');


This didn't work.

But I did some test in my xampp phpmyadmin. When I run the queries like below together it works.

SET @@auto_increment_offset=2;
SET @@auto_increment_increment=2;
Insert query

But when I try to set the variables using

SET @@auto_increment_offset=2;
SET @@auto_increment_increment=2;

and then run below query in a new window I get auto_increment_offset = 1 and auto_increment_increment = 1.


So what I need is to find a way to make cakephp work like

SET @@auto_increment_offset=2;
SET @@auto_increment_increment=2;
Insert query

How can I do this?

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