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I know, enumeration constant should be like this in swift

enum CompassPoint {
    case North
    case South
    case East
    case West

But how can I assign value to first element, like Objective-C code as below

enum ShareButtonID : NSInteger
   ShareButtonIDFB = 100,

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Just read this official documentation and (search Enumerations and Structures). Hope that might be solve your confusion. –  iPatel Jun 7 '14 at 9:25

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You need to give the enum a type and then set values, in the example below North is set as 100, the rest will be 101, 102 etc, just like in C and Objective-C.

enum CompassPoint: Int {
    case North = 100, South, East, West

let rawNorth = CompassPoint.North.rawValue // => 100
let rawSouth = CompassPoint.South.rawValue // => 101
// etc.

Update: Replace toRaw() with rawValue.

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toRaw() has been replaced with rawValue –  nacho4d Feb 16 at 13:59
Thanks for the reminder, nacho4d. I have updated the answer with a short comment about the change. –  kmikael Feb 16 at 14:48
Awesome! Thank you –  nacho4d Feb 16 at 23:13

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