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Is there a way to freeze the time and date of a VM, so that it is not synchronized with the guest BIOS and/or the internet? I have seen some solutions which talk about killing services inside the VM, but I wish to avoid this as it changes the "clean state" of the VM (used for testing purposes).

To clarify: I don't want to set the time offset for a VM, I want to set the exact time that will be passed to the OS at boot time.

From there, is there a way to do this across a large number of VMs?

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Ended up solving the issue with a python script.

To use it, you edit the VM_NAMES list to contain the names of the VMs as they appear in VirtualBox, then set the RESET_TIME_VALUE according to the date and time you wish to send the VMs.

If you have installed VirtualBox in a non-default location, edit the VIRTUAL_BOX_MANAGE_PATH variable as well.

To run, call the main method.

import datetime
import subprocess

VIRTUAL_BOX_MANAGE_PATH         = r"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\vboxmanage.exe"

SET_EXTRA_DATA_COMMAND          = r"setextradata"
GET_HOST_TIME_DISABLE_COMMAND   = "\"VBoxInternal/Devices/VMMDev/0/Config/GetHostTimeDisabled\" \"1\""

MODIFY_VM_COMMAND               = r"modifyvm"
BIOS_SYSTEM_TIME_OFFSET         = r"--biossystemtimeoffset"

# Edit this list to add more Virtual Machines
VM_NAMES                        = ("xxx",

RESET_TIME_VALUE                = datetime.datetime(2014, 6, 7, 13, 0, 0, 0)                                

def main():
    for vm in VM_NAMES:

def reset_time(vm_name):
        Resets the VM to the clean install time

    args = get_subprocess_args_set_bios_time(vm_name, RESET_TIME_VALUE)
    print("Resetting time on VM [" + vm_name + "] to " + str(RESET_TIME_VALUE) + " ...")

def disable_time_sync(vm_name):
        Disables the time synchronization of a VM with the BIOS

    args = [

    print("Disabling time synchronization on VM [" + vm_name + "] ...")

def get_subprocess_args_set_bios_time(vm_name, datetime_to_set):
        Returns a list containing the arguments to pass to the subprocess method
        to start the Virtual Box Manage program and set the BIOS time to the supplied value

    return [
            str(get_msec_time_difference(, datetime_to_set))

def get_msec_time_difference(reference_point, check_point):
        Computes the offset in msec from the reference point to the check point

    return int(round( (check_point - reference_point).total_seconds() * 1000 ))
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" To run, call the main method."

..or just add at the end of the file

if __name__ == '__main__':
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