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I want a Cypher to return 1 if there is a relation exist between two provided nodes or return 0 if there is null relationship between them.

here is one cypher that would find the relationship and return it, but I want one Boolean value against the result

OPTIONAL MATCH (n:Node {id: {parameter1}})-[r:someType]-(n:Node {id: {parameter2}}) RETURN r
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You can try this, it should return 1 if one or more relationships exist, and 0 otherwise.

MATCH (n:Node {id: {parameter1}})-[r:someType]-(m:Node {id: {parameter2}})

Please note that I used n and m as identifiers for the two nodes to mark that they are not necessarily the same.

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Yes Axel marking m & n differently is having good reason. Ok, that is wonderful reply, can we use this count(r) to count how many edges / relationships are there ? I mean I also need to count the number of relationship in next cypher ! –  Sagiruddin Mondal Jun 8 at 9:26
Sure, you an use count for that! My note about n and m was just because you used two times 'n' in your question. –  Axel Morgner Jun 8 at 15:38

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