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I am trying to test the iCloud sync functionality of my app between a (real) device and the simulator, however I can't seem to log into iCloud. When I go to Settings->iCloud and enter my account details, it just gets stuck on 'Verifying'. However if I enter incorrect details, it brings up the invalid password prompt as expected.

Has anyone got a fix for this?

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Are you on the Yosemite beta? –  Keith Smiley Jul 15 at 17:53
@KeithSmiley Are you implying it doesn't work in Yosemite Beta? –  chrs Aug 29 at 11:55
@chrs I'm not sure I had that issue in earlier betas. I haven't tried it since about beta 3. –  Keith Smiley Aug 29 at 16:31

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I had the same problem today as I was trying to use iCloud + Core Data in the simulator (iOS 8.0, Mavericks). What I found out is that you should use, in the simulator, your @icloud.com e-mail. If you do that, you are able to login and use some iCloud functionality.

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