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Anybody tried APCu with ZendOPcache in MPM Worker ? I went into problems with MPM Worker-APC but I found the article https://engineyard.zendesk.com/entries/26902267

My target is to achieve Apache MPM Worker with mod_fcgi [ for mod_spdy to work ] and ZendOPcache with APCu ( user cache ) and Varnish on top. I run Centos 6.4 over KVM.

Any oppinion is appreciated.

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Disclaimer: I am a Jetty developer, but since you asked for any opinion, here you go.

A very alternative option is to run Jetty with its FastCGI module (this link is actually WordPress run by Jetty and with Chrome it's served via SPDY too - via ALPN).

Jetty is a Java server well known for its SPDY support (the only server that does transparent SPDY push), and recently for its FastCGI support too; it has a small memory footprint and it's highly scalable because it is completely asynchronous.

With HAProxy in the front (mostly for SSL offloading) we are very satisfied of the setup.

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