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I'm trying to use Eco's indent function, which is provided in its lib/util.js file. As I understand it, eco = require("eco"); will get me everything that is exported in Eco's "main" lib file, as defined in its package.json, which is lib/index.js. Is there any way for me to require the util.js file? Is this considered bad form, since I'm going to make myself dependent on what is essentially a private library? It seems such a shame to have to rewrite it myself, or even to copy paste the file in to my application just so I can have a function.

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Yeah, you technically could require the util library by requireing the file by file path (within your node_modules directory), but like you said, that's probably not a good idea. You could submit a pull request to expose the library, or even contribute it as a single npm package (perhaps someone else would want this too?) The Eco project doesn't look like it's been touched for years, so creating your own isn't that bad an idea. Plus once you do, Eco could technically require that, so it's only written once :) –  dylants Jun 8 '14 at 3:10

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