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I want to Show Two view controllers on screen using Storyboard, like SplitViewController. Apple SplitViewController not suitable for me, because left menu is to large and I need to change its width, but Apple doesn't does not allow it.

How to do this?

Thank you all for answers!

P.S. App for iPad.

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"Use container view is also not suitable because I want to use navigation controller for right and left view separately" Why on earth not? Container view -> embed segue -> Navigation controller -> relationship -> root view controller, twice. –  matt Jun 7 at 18:45

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!for your case give it a try using 2containerview in a viewcontroller and embed segue from each of them . note you will have to control segues by your selves check out this example for container view using container view

this example is using 1 container view . and you can easily customize this code , with 2 container views. i want to try using container view like my storyboard sample in this way you will have saparate navigation bar for left and right viewcontrollers.

i had made simple demo for this also :D

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Containerview is also not suitable because I want to use navigation controller for right and left view separately. –  DimonDeveloper Jun 7 at 18:13
i had update my answer now is this applicable ?? –  shujatAli Jun 7 at 18:24
Thanks, I'll try it now. –  DimonDeveloper Jun 7 at 18:27
Everything works fine. Thanks you again good stranger. –  DimonDeveloper Jun 7 at 18:51

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