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I am wanting to block every country EXCEPT USA,Mexico, and Canada from my ecommerce site. From the research I have done, using an HTTPModule would appear to be the best method. However, this would require me going through a list of hundreds of ip ranges and woudl require quite a bit of code

Anyone have nay ideas on a quick way to do this?

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Even if you did block IP address range this would change as the get reallocated or taken up. Also its possible to use a number of services to spoof IP addresses or even to go out through routers / gateways in other countries even if you're not in the places you want.

You could try looking at the locale and / or time-zones set on the client machines. whilst this is not infallible and can be worked around (if the client knows what you're doing to block them),

They are en-us, en-ca, fr-ca, es-MX, it's the letters after the dash that you want, which are the ISO 3166 Codes for Countries. This may give you a start, it's not a infallible, but you're not going to get that anyway, but its a very light weight way of removing a fair amount of visitors.

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  • IMHO, the best approach: application and/or network firewall (appliance) rules (having said that, if you have one, this may even negate the need to do IP address filtering entirely)

  • IIS

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I am using shared hosting. Accessing the IIS settings is not an option I have. –  user1698144 Jun 8 at 2:29

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