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I have in my application.css this:

 *= require_self
 *= require styles
 *= require custom
 *= require paggination
 *= require colorbox
 *= require registration
 *= require ../vendor/dark

On development everything is OK but when I move to production, also some other assets must be precompiled because site looks different in production.

Does Rails precompile also other css files from assets folder, not only this required? I have many other css in assets folder.

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The key here will be what you mean by "site looks different in production" - how does it look different? –  Rich Peck Jun 8 at 9:36

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Rails by default only precompiles application.css If you need to add individual css files, maybe if you need specific styles on certain pages you need to add them like this.

# in config/production.rb
# application.js, application.css, and all non-JS/CSS in app/assets folder are already added.
config.assets.precompile += %w(frontpage.css login.css)

Note: You list only the css ending even though it's a scss file you have. Then you can reference your stylesheets in your view files.

<%= stylesheet_link_tag "frontpage" %>

Edit: And of course don't forget to do

bundle exec rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production
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