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I made a custom value type (a java enum named FashionType placed in the persistence directory)

@Type(type = "persistence.FashionType")
@Column(name = "fashion_type")
private FashionType fashionType = FashionType.WEuropean;

The database column "fashion_type" is set to be VARBINARY, and I can successfully insert the custom data type into that column.

So now, I need to query for that custom data in the mysql database, I've attempted the following, but it does not work. I'm looking for help with the correct way of doing the query for custom data type.

Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();

Query query = session.createQuery("from User where fashionType = :fashion"); /* User is the Entity class that contains the FashionType instance variable */
query.setParameter("fashion", fashionType);

thanks for help

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